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Mizuno Jack - Blauw (Peacoat)


  • Body warming: Mizuno’s heat generating Breath Thermo yarn originally created for ski wear.
  • Mizuno Tech Fill: Maintains the paddings volume and functionality for longer.
  • Mizuno Move Tech: Key strategic stretch points for a full range of golfing movement.
  • Neck warmer: Soft touch panel to protect most vulnerable point of escaping heat.



100% polyester


Heat Generating Technology

Absorbeert vocht en gebruikt dit om warmte te genereren.

Mizuno’s revolutionary thermal fabric ideally suited as an unrestrictive body layer for extreme winter sports. Exothermic properties allow Breath Thermo to absorb moisture released by the body and turn it into heat.

Breath Thermo yarn does more than insulate - it generates heat. Using the smallest amount of vapour released from the body.

merk Mizuno
model Breath Thermo Full zip Jacket, 52GE7502
levertijd uit voorraad leverbaar
maat zie tabel maten
kleur Peacoat blue



  • Mizuno Jack - Blauw (Peacoat)